“My Self-ish Portrait”

Does every artist do a self portrait?  There are many famous portraits painted by artists and I can honestly say that I have never been that interested in them. Suddenly in December I had a fascination about portraits and why people paint themselves. I haven’t done any portraits because so far they just hadn’t pushed my buttons. I began wondering why I was thinking about portraits-is it because its the ultimate challenge for me and I enjoy a challenge-is it because I was thinking of myself in a different way and I wanted to express how I feel about me now or in the past. I honestly at this point did not know why I was wanting to do something that just hadn’t inspired me in the past. My artist friend Garth Bayley had painted a fantastic portrait of me that I absolutely love in oils that hangs in a prominant position in my home. Was it that I just didn’t want comparisons-not that I do this as every artist interprets a subject in an entirely different way so I don’t think this was the issue. Whatever the reason and sometimes its not worth analysing things too much. Instead just get on and do it!

So I took some photographs of myself and sat in front of a large canvas-100 x 150 cm. This is always my favourite part as I trust myself that I will know somewhere what is going to happen as I lift charcoal to draw an outline and that is all I draw….no details as I trust that I will do those as and when!


Next comes the paint and in my case its always bright and the more colour the better! My sons found the whole process a challenge initially especially as this was a self-ish portrait. This did cause much laughter in the house and discussions about art and whether it was age appropriate!



The body was completed first and the face left to the last. I always use metallics and fine glitters on my paintings which gives a lovely depth in lamp light–this is my favourite


I think the face is a mask shown to the world in a very traumatic 18 months-a mask I have now left behind. The colour in the body is my belief that colour has a huge effect on the human psyche-bright colours being positive and uplifting as well as my extrovert nature and the brightness of my spirit still being behind the mask of tough times. That colour is back and could never be suppressed for ever! This is me!


If you would like a commission in this style please contact me: http://www.charronpugsleyhill.com


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